Hardwood flooring Los Angeles Pros is your best source for local, friendly, hardwood flooring experts that can help you make the best decision when it comes to investing in hardwood floors.

When it comes to hardwood flooring you have a variety of decisions you need to make.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • ° Which Hardwood flooring do I choose? Solid hardwood or Engineered hardwood?
  • ° Do I buy prefinished hardwood floors or unfinished hardwood floors?
  • ° Which species of wood do I go with, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple?
  • ° Or should I go with the exotic wood species like Brazillian cherry, Acacia, or Santos Mahogany?
  • ° Do I select hand scraped distressed hardwood flooring or the smooth finish?
  • ° Do I go with 3’’ wide or 5’’ wide? What about stairs? What about the price, will I get wholesale pricing if I have a lot of square footage?
  • ° What about the underlayment, the moisture barrier, the molding, transitions and on and on…

These are only some of the questions you need to ask.

After you make all those decisions you still need to select your contractor. Are they licensed, insured, do they carry workers comp? Will they be there when I have a service related issue?

Hardwood flooring installation is best left to craftsman and not handyman. Once you have selected and invested in the best hardwood flooring that meets your needs it is critical that you work with a contractor that specializes in hardwood flooring installation.

Hardwood flooring Los Angeles Pros makes it easy. We can help you navigate through these decisions and recommend the best hardwood floors for your situation. Plus you can rely on our hardwood installers to do an amazing job and yes we are licensed insured and guarantee our work.

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Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles 445 S Figueroa St #2700 Los Angeles, CA 90071 213-984-4193

Wood Floors Los Angeles:

Call Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles Pros today at 213-984-4193 to experience

  • ° Personalized one on one service –You will be dealing with a knowledgeable local friendly flooring expert.
  • ° Quick Installation – Need to get your flooring installed before an event or date? We can help! Call 213-984-4193 today
  • ° Convenience – Shop at Home or from your office. You don’t have to run around from warehouse to warehouse because the Flooring Pros will bring everything to You! One of our Hardwood Floor experts is prepared to visit your home, evaluate your options and suggest the best answer for your flooring needs. We can make sure that your free of charge appointment is scheduled around your convenience, in the comfort of your home. We do this to guarantee an enjoyable and hassle free experience for our clients.
  • ° Done For You Full Range of Services – Whether you’re looking for custom installation or the top name brands like Bruce, Mannington and Mohawk or you’re searching for our house brand hardwood floor offerings Flooring Pros can handle any project or any room you need!
  • °Affordable Guaranteed Pricing – You are in control of how much you want to pay! Supplying an affordable answer with discount hardwood flooring prices is one of our top concerns for our customers. The customer gets an in home visit, can compare options in the background and natural colors of their home and receives a free estimate! You are in control and You decide if that works for you. If you don’t feel that we gave you great flooring at an even greater price we go our own ways with no gamble on your part.
  • ° Expert Installation Team! One of our certified experts, who are proud of their quality workmanship, will come by your house with a variety of flooring options. Instead of receiving impersonal service from the big warehouses, our clients receive personal one on one service by local friendly flooring specialists with experienced backgrounds.
  • ° We come to YOU! We bring our tremendous selection of hardwood floors to you in the comfort of your home! By directly bringing you our selection we can pass the savings of not having an expensive retail location! Eliminating that cost for us lowers the price for our customers!

Hardwood Floor Los Angeles

Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles 445 S Figueroa St #2700 Los Angeles, CA 90071 213-984-4193
Why go through the hassle of going through the big box stores where you may be greeted by a clerk that just got transferred to the hardwood floor department from the lighting department and does not have the years of experience and knowledge that Los Angeles Hardwood Flooring pros have.

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Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles

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