maintain-floorsDistressing hardwood floors are usually done by the manufacturer where the woods are intentionally pressed or afflicted to get a vintage or rustic look of them. After being distressed, they will look like old and worn out.

Although distressed wood looked old and shabby, they also need maintenance just like any other hardwood floors.
Here are some tips:

1.Often sweep and vacuum the floor

Make the sweeping and vacuuming floors a daily habit. If the deep-rooted sand may occur on your floor, your broom can’t reach the fissures and cracks. For that matter, all you have to do is to use a soft-bristled sweeper instead of vacuum. The soft broom won’t injure your ground.

2.Do not carry grime and dirt in the house

A doormat must be placed at the entrance part of the house. Shake it daily as much as possible. The dirt, grit and sand on your shoes may act like a sandpaper that damage surfaces very rapidly.

3.Clean the spill right away

Do not allow liquids nor foods to sit longer on your floors. The water and wines could harm hardwood floors.

4. Fix any water and moisture problem immediately

There are few problems which need to be fixed promptly such as an insufficient drainage the base, leaking pipes and lowly ventilation. Those problems may cause the flooring to be isolated from the sub-floor and it will create kingpins in your home. That’s why, it will be necessary to eliminate the board. The next time you install another plank, make sure that the foundation of dampness is fixed and installed an appropriate barrier to moisture.

5.Soap and water are not allowed to be used as cleaning agent
Be extra careful with soap and water, the cleaning materials which leave a translucent image and slicks on the floor. You may use a damp rug but wring it thoroughly and wipe the floor right after you strike it.

6.Weekly use of wood floor cleaner is advisable

Try to use cleaners that specifically for hardwood floors. There’s a lot of superb products out of the market. The labels must be read prudently because some products work for polished floors and others are only for floors with urethane-finished. Check it more from your nearest hardware store too!

7.Protect them from dogs and cats

The nail of your dog could make the floor scratched when sliding and slipping. Though, they are playful, evade profound scratches by catching its nail. The saliva of your dog is extremely acidic too. Always bear in mind that you must see your dog or cat more frequently because they may eat your floor.

8.Do not allow water from your potted plants drip to your floor

The potted plants inside your house may cause a large dark ring to your hardwood floor. When the water leaks, a serious destruction over for your floor’s existence. Put the plants in a shield plate with a border to keep the overflowing of water.

9. Protect them from too much sun exposure

Too much exposure in the sun will fade the color of your wood floor very rapidly. If a substantial part of your floor is really exposed to the sun, curtains or any shades must be suitable.

10.Put rugs

Value rugs for your floor most especially in high traffic portion. It may prolong the existence of a hardwood floor.