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Hardwood Floor

There are facts about hardwood floors few consumers may know nothing about. It is better to be of knowledge about some information before selecting or buying wood for your floors.

1. If you want convenient installation, choose prefinished floors

If you don’t want to leave your home because your contractor send you away due to dust from sanding and fumes for staining and coating for as long as two to four days? Why not choose engineered or solid hardwood prefinished flooring? They can be installed today and you can get in tonight. It is an odorless and less mess after installation. Little dust might remain in your furniture but that would be fine as long as you don’t have to leave home and have to sleep in another house.

2. Some warranties of prefinished wood floors are not true

You will be surely amazed if you are told that your floor has thirty or sixty year warranty for the finish. Will you believe that? You might. These warranties refer to wearing–through on the finish. Meaning, you will lose your floor’s shine or luster before you can wear the finish and you have to refinish it again.

3. Laminate is definitely not a hardwood

It is only an imitation of a hardwood floor as it is a layer of thin sheets glue in parallel to each other.

4. Engineered hardwood for the basement

As engineered hardwood floor boards are thin sheets of wood filed, glued and pressed in perpendicular to each other which make them the best type for below ground level installation like the basement.

5. Rough textured woods are also popular not just the smooth ones

Reclaimed woods and distressed woods are becoming popular that many companies today offer this kind that are hand scraped or distressed with some metal plates pounded into the wood to make dents. And so, they are not smooth.

6. Stains are used to create color but wood’s natural color can’t be beat

You can add colors you desire for your floors but consider the beautiful colors of some species like walnut or hickory, Zebrawood, maple and many other beautiful colored woods. Stains that add color to the wood cannot beat these woods natural colors.

7. Displayed hardwood floors of showrooms are not all graded

Don’t just refer to a piece of wood, but if possible, ask for floor displays or photo of a floor area to find out what it would surely look like in a wide space like a room.

8. Wide selections of wood floorings are available

Red oak is great, so does maple, or rosewood, hickory, cherry or walnut and many more including all imported wood. You can try those widths that are wider or select smaller ones. This all depends on what you want because it is your home.

9. Hardwood floor has different sizes available

Not just 2 1/4 inches wide as the most commonly used sizes that are available but sizes like3 inches or more. Strips are those woods that have a width narrower than three inches down and planks are those that range from 3 inches up.

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