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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Nowadays, hardwood flooring provides ultimate demand from people because of its elegance, warmth and decorating style. If you are looking for a high quality flooring for your home, hardwood is an outstanding selection. It could last for more than 30 years, if and only it is maintained correctly.

Types and Species of Hardwood Flooring

It is important for buyers like you to distinguish the different types and species of hardwood flooring. The two main types are the solid and engineered hardwood flooring. On the other hand, the common species of wood are Pine, Hemlock, Fir, Oak, Bamboo, Maple or Birch, Ash and Walnut and Cherry.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

It starts from crushing the solid timber, solid hardwood flooring works to maintain the natural beauty of any room except the bathroom and basement. Those parts of your home have a great possible potential for damaging your floor because of moisture.
Good news for this type is, it could be refinished and polished in several periods of time to maintain the usual loveliness of its beauty.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This hardwood type is combined with a many sheets of thin and tough Fireboard or plywood. The layers are laminated and it is very robust. It is more resistant to moisture that’s why very suitable for a below grade locations such as the basement and bathroom.
Like solid hardwood, it can be refinished and polished yet more expensive.

Species of Hardwood Flooring

The species of hardwood composed of two basic types, the softwood and hardwood. No matter what you’ll choose as long as it suits your personality or style, the better. After all, decide wisely and try to choose the best and loveliest wood flooring of all.

Pine, Pir and Hemlock

These three wood species are softwoods. They come from evergreens, very much appreciated in formal rooms and country-liked the appearance.


Oak is a hardwood which you could choose colored white or red. Both colors will add a traditional looking for your home. White oak could be easily distinguished because of its pinkish shade while the white oak is more brown.


Precisely, bamboo is not a wood but a grass. It is as hard as oak and eco-friendly in nature. Mocha or deep cherry and natural light brown are the colors of bamboo flooring.

Maple or Birch

Maple and Birch are hardwoods and have a smooth texture. Its color white and brown grain shapes help to brighten up, freshen and creates a modern look of a room.


Ash has a similar appearance with oak but has more white colors. It is very tough. As a matter of fact, it is used to create products such as baseball bats, supreme for high traffic rooms and good for utensil handles.

Walnut and Cherry

These hardwoods are tough too and adds a very attractive look of the flooring. Cherry has a brighter reddish brown in color, it deepens as time goes by. Walnut is brown and brightens throughout its age.

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