Why wood needs waterproofing? It is needed simply because it is not resistant to water or other liquid. It is best to seal timber with suitable sealant or waterproof adhesive to protect them from water, ensuring its longer lasting durability.
Waterproofing wood is crucial since it protects the timber from early cracking, warping, cupping and rotting. It will expand when wet and contracted when dried if they are untreated with waterproof adhesive or sealant since it will soak up water. It will also wash out lumber’s color making it dull and dried. When it is always damp, molds and mildew will grow.
Most people simply buy some waterproofing solution from a local store and just apply to their world. Others with a bigger budget and can’t do it themselves due to their jobs or whatever purpose they got, would just hire an expert to do it for them.
If your wood was untreated when installed, better apply sealant. If it was treated in the past and you want to know if it is still waterproof, splash water into the timber and if beads are formed in it, it means that it is still protected. You might even want to add more protection then, waterproof it again.
Types of wood sealant
It varies from one another. Some provide a surface barrier and there are also types that penetrate deeply into the timber that fills the pores and spaces in the wood. There are also other types that evaporate and leave its solid waterproof material in it. Some contain a type of oil that repels water.
Note: Always know every product’s curing time to be sure that it has not hardened yet before you’re done. There are some products that dry easily before the application is finished.
Epoxy resin
This type of sealant is solvent-based which composes of an adhesive and hardener. Before applying, you must mix two equal parts of this.
Polyurethane sealant
This also is a polymer or resin sealant. It provides excellent elasticity. Polyurethane is commonly used for floor finish and does not usually shrink or easily damaged. Its also easy to apply.
Liquid rubber sealant
An environmentally friendly, water-based, cost effective sealant that expands when needed.
Acrylic water sealant
This is a 100% acrylic water repellant and sealer. It provides protection from moisture penetration. This can be painted over with any kind of paint. Two coat application is advisable for this product should.
Varnish like shellac is also good for waterproofing lumber floors and furniture.
Silicone- based sealant
This sealant is good or porous materials like lumber because it effectively penetrates into the timber.
Wax polish
This includes beeswax and carnauba which are highly resistant towards the water. It has not even attracted dust, dirt and even grim, the reason why it is commonly used for waterproofing lumber furniture. It can also cover minor damage like scratches.
Waterproofing should be done in regular interval of time, again I say, to prevent it from early replacement.