If you have plywood subfloors, you can use all the methods of installing wood floors. But if your subfloor is concrete, you can use the glue down or the floating floor method. You can also use nail down and staple down installation but you have a huge preparation to do.
Here are the four methods of installing hardwood floors:

Staple down method of installation

First and foremost, staple down method is known to be a good selection for a firm creation. This method of installation is mostly used with engineered board or stripped hardwood floors below the wood subfloor. Yes, it has developed into more popularity, most especially to engineered hardwood flooring. It proves that this method entails a specific type of staple dimensions.

This is a sort of installation method which recommended as a Do-It-Yourself task for a person with highly skills using installation talls. Sometimes, a staple is required or could be rented.

Next, the nail down method

Mostly, this kind of method is used while installing solid hardwood floors. The reason behind that, the solid wood is commonly thicker than engineered wood. Basically speaking, solid wood needs to be nailed down to stay in its place correctly.

This type of installation process needs professional tools and knowledge. Furthermost, this is not suggested as a Do-It-Yourself task.

Gluing-down method

This method is very usual upon installing engineered or strip plank wood over concrete sub-floor. It has been discovered by some of the contractors that the gluing method is very advantageous. It is beneficial because when the floor contracts and expand, it will be less squeaking. If correctly glued and done, your floor will be steady and well-established.

On the contrary, one of the major disadvantages of glue-down method depends upon the consistency of your floor. For instance, you will install an engineered hardwood floor and the sub-floor is uneven or not flat, it may cause problems.

This method is recommended for a person who has experience. If you have experience, then, your sub-floor is flat much better to glue-down your floor.

Floating method for floors

This type of installation process vastly became the most popular for how many years now. It is known as tolerant and most constant method existing. The reason why it is stable enough because it is not attached or touching the sub-floor.

This method typically used an engineered long trip hardwood floor. It has a sort of product which is called a panel system.

A person who wants to install floors using this kind method may either have no or little experience. Thus, this method is a Do-It-Yourself responsive type. If you want to save cash while installing, it is advisable for you to do floating method for hardwood floors as your choice’s paramount.