wood-sidingWood siding is one the most expensive types of siding. Many people are drawn to its appearance because of its old-fashioned charm and warm looks.

Replacing the Siding

Restore the siding that shows rot. Most of the damage comes from the accidental hitting of heavy something to the siding like a ball, stones or any huge materials. Scratching also from sharp edges of an object may cause damage. That’s why you need to be careful if you want a spare care for your wood sidings. Removing siding needs proficiency from a professional carpenter. If you don’t have any experience, hire a siding contractor.

Painting and Color for Sidings

When it comes to color, choose the best that fits your surroundings, taste, personality or awareness. If your home is exposed directly to sunlight, use a dark color because it may add a cold effect when you look at it. Through the color you choose, it may also speak your personality as well. A lively or jolly person may choose light colors such as yellow or orange. A person who’s oriented already is capable of selecting white. A white color for homes is typically the shade which a person preferred for. Bear in mind that light colors may become dirty promptly.


Wood finishing is a one of the great ways to keep the timber from decay. The finishing includes with painting, sealer or stain removing. Species such as redwood, cedar and cypress are resistant to rot if not appropriately cared. Paint the wood to avoid cracks. Also, clean the dirt from timber siding once a year. Dirt may cause discoloration on your siding, so you must use a soft brush, warm and foamy water. Rub the blemishes if necessary. In cleaning, confusion might strike if your house is very large. Divide the lumber siding into 15 foot sections, each section must be cleaned from peak to base and rinse it in detail.

Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Aside from the luxurious have brought from people’s perception around, lumber siding really adds value to your home. It depends upon the good installation job an expert does. Just remember to select a carpenter that could install properly or else, you’ll get dreadful for your venture. It is more expensive than other products such as cement siding and vinyl siding. The reason why it is so costly: the labor intensive plus most of it is in high quality product. A timber siding comes from the heart of the log which is less prone to deform or more durable than any other sidings.

Atmosphere Issues

You have learned from the experts that a lumber may easily get rotten when expose to moisture. Moisture licking is one of the problems of the quarters. Frank Lesh, a professional house expert on Chicago said that a house made of lumber siding is weak to water penetration. It may also crack due to age. For more tips and tricks to fit sidings for your local climate, contact an expert immediately. Practically speaking, you must plan wisely upon investing your most precious investment of all – your home.